** Our teachers/chroeographers have made their selections for potential DB Ensemble. Those who have been selected will receive an email invitation with a password. If you have received an invitation click here to fill out the DB Ensemble Confirmation form:

The DanceBreak Ensemble

After watching all the incredible talent that has danced across the floors of
our Master Classes, we have decided that we want to show that talent off in our February showcase.

This is how it will unfold:
At each of the upcoming DanceBreak Master Classes…and we have about 5 more lined up, the teachers/choreographers of that day will select a handful of dancers whom they want to see audition for a spot in our new DanceBreak Ensemble.

Come early January, when the 6 new DanceBreak 2019 choreographers are in NYC and about to start working, we will hold an invited audition for the dancers on that list to come in and strut their stuff.

Each of the six choreographers will choose two ….or more….dancers to be in their respective pieces at the DanceBreak 2019 showcase on Feb 4th, which will be held at the Alvin Ailey Theater.

The choreographers will also pick a swing ..or two. With a tight rehearsal schedule, in a busy season (and if the past is any indication of the future)…they will need swings.

So when you come to our next Master Classes, bring your resumes and headshots and your A game.
Shoot for a spot on that list.

Good luck!!